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B E Wealth Financial Planner
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Business Description

You are probably wondering, “Why would a lawyer and logistics manager transition into Financial Planning?”

As I look around my friends, family and colleagues and we talk about what is important to us, I realise that our family finances and future security are under enormous pressure. From insurance to superannuation, we are bombarded by ads that purport to show the outcomes we can expect and the money we can save if we sign up with the right provider.

These ads make me angry, because they are jeopardising your future comfort and security, and that of the people you love! As a logistics specialist I get a thrill out of designing systems that not only save money, but create better outcomes for businesses, as a lawyer, I fully understand contracts and know what needs to be in them for your protection, as a business owner and manager I know about budgets and ensuring that financials are clear and realistic.

When I established Promus Financial, I already had a vision for the kind of financial advice I wanted to offer my clients - transparent, independent and focused on achieving long-term outcomes - because these are my core values and the things I have always worked towards. As a financial planner I am responsible for providing my clients with the advice they need to increase their wealth. I believe that it is wise to have a diverse portfolio because no-one can say which investment will produce the most fruit.

When I’m not helping clients make the most of life now, and protect their future I enjoy spending time with my family, travelling the world (sightseeing, exploring, and talking to people), and participating in sports and community activities. I believe that life is to be enjoyed, and experienced both now and in the future.

If you would like to talk to a financial planner who wants to help you assess your position, and provide a clear path towards your ideal outcomes, then email to arrange an appointment.