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Business owners struggling with time management and/or in ned of a good planner/diary and/or specialist help in creating a plan to achieve their

Business Description


I’m Ildi the creator of Antplanners. It came about after a relentless search for the perfect tool to help me organise my Direct Sales business, kids and personal life… A task I am guessing many of you are juggling with.

I have been in the direct sales business for 7 years and I have learnt from some of the best in this industry.

In the Antplanner I tried to compile most of what I believe, we need to have in a  successful tool, for a successful business.

Since the Antplanner hit the market, I also learned that a tool in itself is not enough. Most of us need a little help in making the most of the tools at hand, this is why I started to conduct workshops, trying to help as many small business owners and entrepreneurs in making the most of their planners, setting achievable goals finding the lost time and planning for the future!

Small business and direct sales planner

This planner is designed to help you stay on target and achieve your goals, by incorporating your goals in your everyday planning.

The Goal setting section is designed to record your goals weather it’s all about business, building a team or having more appointments, or just focused on sales or even personal goals. Think big, and break your goals into small bite size achievable chunks!


  • Vision Board
  • Whole year planner
  • Monthly and Weekly planner
  • Goal setting features yearly quarterly, monthly and the weekly will help you stay on target
  • Comfortable size – B5 186x250mm (between A4 and A5)
  • Special space for customer calls or other tasks
  • Contact page with source field so that you never loose a contact again
  • Motivational quotes for every month
  • Notes pages before every month etc