Worcester Club Members

Adam Bate
Landscape Gardening
Adam Higgins
Website Developer
Alex Sheridan
Andrew Holmes
Heating Engineer
Andy Done
Mortgage Consultant
Anita Hennessey
Family Solicitor
Dan Dugmore
IT Service and Support
Duncan Gilroy
Gin Distillery
Emmie Evans
Personal Assistant
Gillian Hutchinson
Copywriter & Content Specialist
Ian Jarvis
Jamie Miles
Cricket Club
Visitor Host
Jason Goodlad
Photography & Video Production
Jennifer Lynch
Travel agent
Julia Williams
Business Coaching & Mentoring
Julian Wintle
Litigation & Commercial Solicitor
Kelly Ashby
Recruitment Agency
Area Coordinator
Kevin Smith
Lee Russell
Funeral Services
Lyn Blewitt
Human Resources
Matt Thomas
Financial Planner
Oliver Cole
Business & Personal Finance
Patrick O'Gorman
Expert IT Consultant
Paul Chester
Christmas Decorator
Richard Frazer
Vehicle Leasing & Asset Finance
Regional Director
Richard Waltier
Commercial Insurance
Sevvy Hasan
Will Writing & Estate planning
Simon Hollingshead
Business & Residential Utilities Provider
Sue Hicks
Catering and Cleaning
Tony Muir
Property, Cleaning & Maintenance